Shoehorning Old Structures into New Shoes Isn't Working

What Do Our Students and Teachers Need to Succeed?

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Across the country, students, their families, and teachers have shown up or logged into a new school year. The standardized practices and structures of their new classrooms are still-recognizable versions of pre-pandemic schooling that have been flattened, twisted, and forced to fit into new, socially-distanced, and on-screen classes. Even under “normal” circumstances, many of these familiar school practices have been historically inadequate for ensuring the success of all students.

Especially now, the particular challenges involve engaging students in developmentally appropriate practices: building interpersonal relationships, and providing mental and behavioral health supports are more acute. And, it’s not just students needing care and support. Teachers increasingly work in greater isolation from their students and their colleagues.

What do our students and teachers need to thrive at school, at work, and at home? How can school and district leaders support and care for their school communities? Join us for a conversation exploring these questions and more.

Steve Amstutz, Director of Measuring What Matters at the Institute for Research and Reform in Education


Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020
12:00 PM CT
Live Webinar
Steve Amstutz

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Presented By Steve Amstutz

Steve Amstutz

Steve Amstutz began his career serving children in education as a 5th grade teacher in Houston, Texas.  He served as a principal for 20 years at both elementary and secondary schools. During those years, he founded Liberty High School an alternative school designed specifically to meet the challenges faced by older, immigrant students, and DiscoverU, a non-profit providing novel learning experiences beyond the high school classroom that expand students’ aspirations and develop the confidence and skills essential for college success.  Since 2013, Steve has worked as Director of Measuring What Matters at the Institute for Research and Reform in Education supporting school improvement initiatives in urban and rural school districts across the country.  He is a lecturer in the educational leadership program at Rice University.

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