Tending the Fire Without Burning Out

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Those of us who are drawn to advocacy and social service work tend to be values-driven and passionate about the people we serve. We are empathic and committed, and we yearn for justice. These qualities, which can make us effective agents of change and healing, can also make us vulnerable. The systems in which we work are often chronically underfunded and over-utilized. The problems we try to address are much bigger than we are. And our empathic openness can lead to secondary trauma. In this presentation, we will explore some of the reasons we are drawn to this work, what risks we face, and how we can tend the fire of vocation and purpose without burning out.

Sean Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., LPC, executive director of The Jung Center


Friday, July 31, 2020
12:00 PM CT
Live Webinar
Sean Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., LPC

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Presented By Sean Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., LPC

Sean Fitzpatrick

Sean Fitzpatrick, PhD, LPC, is the executive director of The Jung Center and a psychotherapist in private practice. His book The Ethical Imagination: Exploring Fantasy and Desire in Analytical Psychology was published in 2019 by Routledge. His research interests also include the intersection of psychology and spirituality, and vicarious trauma and the self-care needs of helping professionals and social service providers. He is a senior fellow of the American Leadership Forum and serves on the board of the Network of Behavioral Health Providers.

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